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From the makers of Hygenicord we are pleased to offer an industrial strength cleanable pull rope. Rid your facility of unsightly and unsanitary braided rope with Hygenirope. Easily attaches to any door actuator with a knot or attachments. Make a good impression on your customers and be audit ready. Use Hygenirope and know that your pull rope is clean!

  • Replaces unsanitary braided rope
  • Large 8mm diameter
  • Bright orange color
  • Easy to clean and disinfect
  • Durable polymer coating
  • Retrofit any door actuator
  • easy to knot
  • No recoil
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Industrial Strength Cleanable Hygenirope 8mm - 100ft Stainless Steel Oval Sleeve 8mm - Food Manufacturing Stainless Steel Thimble 8mm - Food Manfacturing Pull Cord
Hygenirope 8mm has a breaking strength of 700 lbs., bright orange color and available in convenient 100 ft. lengths. Use in conjunction with TMB-8 to create a long lasting loop.  Works with 8mm Hygenirope. Make a clean, durable loop with 8mm Hygenirope.  Requires OS-8 to complete the loop.
Stainless Steel Spring Clip
Allows for easy installation of Hygenirope.  Assemble on the ground and clip to actuator.